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What is a "lifestyle" session?

You may hear photographers talk about "lifestyle sessions". Have you wondered what that means exactly?

Lifestyle sessions typically take place in your home and capture you and your family in a natural way. This means minimal posing, using your own items and furniture, and capturing beautiful moments! I love the adventure of going to a client's home and documenting those fleeting memories. First homes, first babies, first birthdays... all those moments over in a blink of an eye!

If you prefer a natural, more relaxed portrait session, a lifestyle session might be right for you! I can even do hybrid, which is where I bring some props and set up a little corner of your home to mimic a studio environment! That way you get the best of both worlds! Lifestyle sessions are also helpful for those with multiple children who may feel a bit overwhelmed trying to make it into a studio looking picture-perfect (um, this is my family, LOL!)

If you want to know more about a lifestyle session, I'm happy to chat with you! Let's find the right type of session for you and your family!

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