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Happy 38th Birthday to Me! - 38 things I've learned about photography, parenting and life.

  1. It is never too late to have a dream - and go for it!

  2. Comparison is a thief of joy. There will always be people more talented than you.

  3. Your kids need to see you happy

  4. Surround yourself with things that bring you joy

  5. Feel the emotion. Then let it go.

  6. Everything happens for a reason.

  7. Community over competition.

  8. Carry an extra battery. Always. Same goes for memory cards.

  9. Stop following the crowd.

  10. Sleep solves a lot of problems.

  11. Don't chase people.

  12. It is okay to want time to yourself.

  13. Don't settle.

  14. Own your weaknesses.

  15. There is a positive in every negative.

  16. Order the fancy coffee.

  17. Travel. A lot.

  18. Give, every chance you get.

  19. Find your tribe.

  20. Make a decision - even if it's not the right one. Just keep moving forward

  21. Don't let your past self dictate your present self.

  22. Time goes by faster with each kid you have

  23. Being a mom is really hard. Give yourself grace.

  24. Stop it with the negative self-talk

  25. Energy is contagious

  26. You get what you give.

  27. Experiences over things.

  28. Take the photos.

  29. Being good at taking pictures is not the same as being good at running a photography business.

  30. You can't be for everyone.

  31. Get outside your comfort zone.

  32. Don't be afraid of high hopes.

  33. Talk to everyone and compliment often.

  34. Shoot in RAW, always.

  35. Know when you're in over your head and ask for help.

  36. Find peace with your season - whatever one you're in.

  37. Outsource the things you don't like doing, as much as you are able.

  38. Celebrate the birthday - every year.

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