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Photo Challenge #7 - "Green"

It's almost St. Patrick's Day and almost springtime, so I'm seeing green all over the place. Loving that! How about a green challenge for this week?!

For the blog this week, I decided to go back through my archives for some of my favorite green-inspired photos! I'll be chatting a little bit about each one. This is a blast from the past!


First up is this classic from last year's Lucky Charms minis! Love how the green on the ground and her bow makes the image pop!


One of my all-time favorite newborn pictures, coupled with Meggie's favorite shade of green! This one was published actually, on the back cover of a photographer's magazine, so that was pretty cool! I adore photographing darker shades like this for newborns.


The green of her dress absolutely pops off the screen in this fall setting! (Available in my client closet!)


Gimme all the greens for this senior sesh! Loved this setting for her green jumper. This was actually a beautiful fall day, but could have been fooled it was springtime here!


Of course I had to find a cake smash session with green icing! This was one of my favorites, then and still now!


Family session at one of my favorite little secret spots! Mom's green pops surrounded by the woods! PS, mini sessions again at this location this fall? Hmm....


This shade of green is so, so pretty for both girls and boys, but we made it extra sweet by adding the crown!


Love the greens in the background of this fun senior session! This location is so playful and gives off urban vibes!


I hadddd to find one with green eyes, and then remembered this beautiful photo of my sweet niece! Her green eyes pair perfectly with backdrop, outfit and headband. (Do I love monochromatic, why yes I do!)


When you're a queen, you wear a big crown and emerald green. Slayyyying here. I wish I looked this amazing when I was pregnant, haha!


One more baby... love this green on him, with the green rug to match. It compliments his skin tone and his eyes so wonderfully, and makes the red tones in his hair pop!

Last but not least, is my photo for this week's challenge of my kiddo getting ready for St. Patrick's Day! We found these glasses in the decorations bin and he wanted to wear them. Don't mind the fact that he's still in his dinosaur pajamas. Hey at least those were green too! I had him step in front of our green door for full affect!

And that's it for this week's blog! Thanks for stepping down memory lane with me. Not too late to submit your GREEN photo for the week!

Happy Snapping!


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