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Meet Amanda - featured hair and makeup artist for Tori Bornholdt Photography!

I met Amanda several years ago when I put out an ad on Facebook looking for some hair and makeup artists to add to my team when I rebranded to a luxury photographer. She was highly recommended by some of my clients, so I decided to start with her! We met in a Panera with our toddler daughters and hit it off right away! Now she's a valued member of my team and I can always rely on her to make my mom-to-be clients feel beautiful and also my high school seniors!

Amanda owns Makeup by Amanda K. Holt and is located in Barnhart, MO, but she also travels to locations such as clients homes. She is so talented, not just with her makeup services, but also her hair styling. I can count on her to make my clients look, and most importantly feel, their very best ahead of their portrait sessions. We recently took some updated headshots of her in my studio, and we sat down for a quick interview over some coffee from Orange Couch Coffeehouse.

Me: Amanda, tell me, are you from St. Louis?

Amanda: Yes, St. Louis. I went to high school at Metro STL - its a public school in St. Louis.

Me: Alright, my standard question - tell us about you in five words or less.

Amanda: Wait, just 5? Oh no. Umm... I'm a rattler. There's probably a better word for that. I'm a lizard, meaning I like sun and warmth. Mascara fanatic. And a mom and wife. I think that was five things!

Me: What's your work background?

Amanda: Worked at a salon over the summer I was around 15. I was planning to apprentice, but my journey led elsewhere. I did secretarial work and then I was an office manager for awhile. Then I did home sales and finally direct sales is what led me back into the industry of makeup and beauty.

One of my high school senior clients, hair and makeup by Amanda!

Me: So you worked at a salon when you were younger - how did you get back into that industry?

Amanda: Being a direct sales rep, a friend of mine who is a hairdresser booked a wedding and asked if I would do the bridesmaid makeup. She kind of forced my hand since it was booked already haha. I did the makeup and felt like my soul was on fire. I just felt like a bad ass, you know that feeling of doing something you are just meant to do. I knew this was a yes for me. It just all clicked.

Me: How long have you owned your business?

Amanda: I started doing makeup six and a half years ago and started doing my own contracts in 2020. My first weddings were canceled actually because of Covid. I have a studio in my house and I go to other people's houses too. Then I started doing hair for photography clients to pick up other clients that way.

One of my clients for her newborn session. Amanda did a fantastic job!

Me: I'm thankful for that! What's your favorite part about being a hair and makeup artist?

Amanda: Making people see themselves from a different perspective and seeing them feel good about it. Just the confidence makeup can bring. Oh and talking to adults, haha.

Me: Got a least favorite part you'd want to share?

Amanda: (no hesitation) winged eyeliner, hahahaha.

Me: What's something you wish everyone knew about your job?

Amanda: I'm all-inclusive. My "tag line" is "if you've got a face, let's make it up."

This client was GLOWING her for maternity session. Thank you Amanda!

Me: Finish this phrase... "I'm a makeup artist, of course I..."

Amanda: Can make your foundation color.

Me: Here's the part where I rapid fire questions and you answer without thinking.

Amanda: Oh, yay... haha.

Favorite color: green

Favorite animal: horses

Beverage: coffee (holds up her coffee)

Snack: Umm, I guess whatever my children are eating and then I eat the leftovers

Restaurant: Local House in Arnold

Place in STL: The Arch. I read a post from a local who had a road trip and said when you see the Arch means you're home. Growing up in the city, you see the arch constantly and you still marvel at it. I just love that thought of the arch meaning home.

Celebrity crush: I guess Ryan Reynolds. He's a dad and seems fun.

Favorite place you've traveled: Hawaii

Favorite sports team: I don't sport. Default to Cardinals.

Favorite Taylor Swift song: I'm not a Swiftie like you! Let's say Love Story because that reminds me of me and my husband's story.

Another BEAUTIFUL mama with her babe! Perfect hair and makeup!

And that's it for our girl Amanda! If you need hair and makeup services for an upcoming event, wedding, graduation, prom, or photos, reach out to her via Facebook or instagram @makeupbyamandakholt. Thanks, Amanda for everything you do!

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