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Studio vs. Outdoor - which is right for you?

As a photographer who owns a studio, I am lucky to have a beautiful indoor space to use for portraits for my clients, but I also love to shoot outdoors! When my clients ask, "what is best?!" here are a few things I like to let them know so we can make the best decision for them!

Studio PROS

  1. Climate control! Always the perfect temperature. No humidity, no bugs, no mud, and no harsh sunlight!

  2. We can also control the light here! Perfect lighting, every time.

  3. Can change the scenery! I'll often use multiple backdrops during one session. For outdoor sessions, we use one location.

  4. All of my gear is here! So if you want to borrow or browse my client closet mid-session for that perfect prop or headband, you can! I also have refreshments available for every client.

  5. Contained space - meaning if you have a "runner" in your family, they can't get too far!

  6. Bathroom, changing table and mirrors on site!

Outdoor PROS

  1. Scenery that can't be created in the studio - lakes, woods, bridges, tiny paths, barns, etc. Backdrops can be realistic looking, but nothing beats the real thing!

  2. May be a better location for you! I travel anywhere in the Metro East, so if you are far away from my studio location, having an outdoor session closer to you might be a better fit!

  3. Can be sentimental! Want a session where your husband proposed? Or maybe its at your home in the backyard? Your favorite spot to travel as a family?

  4. More adventure! Gives kids a chance to be kids - we can run around, get out some energy, and capture playfulness! We can also capture going on a hike, playing on a playground, and movement that we couldn't otherwise in the studio.

  5. SUNSETS. Need I say more?

Also some outdoor CONS...

  1. Bugs, heat, extreme cold, wind, mud, etc. There are a lot of variables us photographers can't control, although we do try to give you the best experience possible!

  2. Not always a bathroom nearby, or a convenient place to change a baby.

  3. Sometimes we do have to reschedule or figure out a plan "B" due to rain. If your schedule isn't very flexible, this is definitely something to keep in mind.

  4. Your kids might get dirty during the session. If you want to stay in pristine shape, the studio may be the better choice!

  5. Traffic. Getting to certain locations will add on travel time - looking at you, Forest Park!

I hope this quick list helps you decide if a studio session or an outdoor session is right for you! If you are interested in a booking a session for Spring, let's chat soon!

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