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Meet Melina Tice owner of Sweet Sedona Bakery, our featured cake smash artist!

The first in our interview series is our favorite cake smash artist, Melina! She is owner of Sweet Sedona Bakery (you can find her on Facebook or Instagram!). We love Melina, because not only are her cakes tasty, but they look like something straight out of a bakery competition. Her creativity and talent are unmatched. We sat down at the Wicked Chicken in High Ridge, MO to have a little chat about what got her started with baking and her favorites projects she's worked on.

Me: So where you'd go to high school? (Side note, readers, if you aren't familiar with St. Louis, it's a pretty common thing to ask where people went to high school - it's a running joke around here!)

Melina: Fox!

Me: Tell us about you in five words or less.

Melina: Oh my gosh. Umm, let me think. (Pulls out her phone to brainstorm, haha!) Umm... soo... detail-oriented, empathetic, passionate, humble and adventurous-ish. I say "ish" because I want to do more, like traveling and stuff in the future.

Me: What's your work background?

Melina: Well I started out just like working in offices. Went to culinary school and then from there, branched out to restaurants. Ended up working in (failed) bakeries and decided to start my own. I've always baked. I've been decorating cakes since I was 9 or 10.

Me: So how long have you owned your business, Sweet Sedona Bakery (formerly Sweet Design Bakery)?

Melina: Since about 2018

in 2018 - this was my son's cake smash when he was a baby and would have been both of our first years in business!

Me: You said you were just a kid when you started baking. What inspired that?

Melina: When I learned how to read a measuring cup and then I wanted to learn how to use it. Maybe like first grade. My dad and I learned how to read a measuring cup together. He would make stuff and it would turn out terrible, so yeah, we kind of learned together!

Me: So what's your favorite project you ever worked on? I know there's a lot to choose from!

Melina: I'm going to say this Mother's Day cake because I never get to make stuff for my mom. So it was nice to think of and do something for her.

Melina's Mother's Day cake for her mom!

Me: What's your favorite cake flavor?

Melina: The basic answer is chocolate fudge cake with like different fun fillings. But the unique answer is orange and olive oil cake!

Me: Um, what even is that?!

Melina: It's amazing. I'm going to make it for you sometime so you can try it!

Me: What's something you wish everyone knew about either baking or like your industry?

Melina: (excited) It's macaRON, not macaROON. (laughing). They are two different things! Also its so, so important to charge your worth, right off the bat. Otherwise it's really hard to jump to that.

My daughter's cake in 2021 - the pineapples were macarons!

Me: Finish this phrase. "I'm a baker, of course I..."

Melina: Can tell when a cake is boxed!

Me: Okay, time for rapid fire! First things that pop into your head, ok?

Melina: Oh, boy...

Favorite color: green

Favorite animal: penguin

Favorite beverage: all I drink is water so I guess that

Favorite snack: Reese's

Favorite restaurant: anywhere with good wood fired pizza

Favorite place in STL: Castlewood!

Celebrity crush: Matthew Lillard, but I wanna be BFFs with Post Malone

Favorite place you've traveled: Sierra Vista, AZ, but it was more about the things we did on the way there and the way back. Like the road trip element is what made that so fun.

Favorite sports team: Blues, sure. I do love going to the games.

Favorite Taylor Swift song: I am not a Swiftie like you are, I'm so sorry. Hang on I might come up with something. Oh I know, I do like Red!

A personal favorite of mine - the Cookie Monster cake!

Me: Alright, a few more to go. What's your favorite cake smash theme we've done together?

Melina: (pulls out phone) oh gosh there's been so many. Off the top of my head, Harry Potter and Starbucks!

Me: and what's a theme you'd like to do in the future?

Melina: ahh! Disco, cherries and more Halloween themed stuff. I love spooky and using black! Also I love Bluey!

And that's a wrap! Melina will soon be moving to the Arnold area to serve that region, but she can also meet or deliver for a fee. If you need a cake for any special occasion, she's your girl! Follow her on Facebook or Instagram @SweetSedonaBakery.

Not only gorgeous, but her cakes are delicious too! ;)

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