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Photo Challenge #6 - Change your perspective!

This week's challenge was a creativity challenge - change your perspective for a photo! Could be looking up, down, through something - lots of options!

To get a variety for my clients, I change my perspective often. Especially with little ones, it's important to get down on their level and capture from their height. (Which explains so many of my back problems!). This week's blog is going to break down some of my favorite perspectives, when to use them, and why

Getting down to business and down on the ground!

From above

From above is probably the one I use most often! I love this for nearly everything - newborns, cake smashes, toddlers, even high school seniors and for beauty! For newborns, the way I'm positioning them in props is ideal for snapping from above. I would say 3/4 of my individual newborn poses are taken from above in some fashion. I also love this for toddlers and cake smashes! I try to get in at least a few for those types of sessions. For other sessions, this is a great way to show off makeup and to let light in the eyes. I love having my subjects lightly close their eyes to capture those beautiful eyelashes too!

One of my favorite senior images, taken from a step stool and her looking straight up.

Love capturing at least one of these during One-year-old sessions so we can see their faces and the letters below!

My new favorite pose for Mommy + Baby! Shows off Mom's hair and makeup perfectly, with baby's cute face right next to hers!

Got to get that overhead angle for fruit bath sessions! I love how her blue eyes really pop in this photo with the yellows and oranges of the fruits!

From below

This isn't always going to be a great angle because hello double chin, but when used correctly, it can be super cool and effective! In the first example, I've captured a cool angle of my daughter. As you can see, I'm completely on the ground for this one, as the sidewalk is level with the camera. Its also a great way to capture details such as shoes, or just to add a cool angle to your portfolio. Be careful of this angle though, that your subject's face is still at a flattering angle.

Taken literally from the ground! My neighbors probably thought I was nuts!

This one was also taken from below my subject. I have her facing towards my light and I'm making sure the angle of her face is still flattering, even thought I am below her.

The baby is on an elevated surface and I am slightly under that surface to get this very sweet angle of baby's face.

From over the shoulder

I love, love, love this one for maternity photos! How sweet to capture that baby bump with big brother or big sis?! Its a little awkward getting there, as I have to be right on top of mom, but so worth it! I also love this for newborn pictures, capturing that sweet baby right between mom and dad! I included another example where I shot over the shoulder and catching the reflection of one of my little clients in her mommy's wedding dress. This can be a great angle depending on your subject!

Over the shoulder is my favorite for maternity sessions to capture the bump + big sib!

Over the shoulder is so effective here to get the perfect angle for this mirror shot!

Over the shoulders for this sweet snap of baby!

Its super fun to get creative with your angles! If you find yourself in a rut with photography, try mixing it up with a new angle and changing your perspective. I'm finishing with my picture from the week that I posted in my group for the challenge. I climbed my son's bunkbed and captured him and his sister reading the Magic School Bus together. I look forward to seeing everyone's pictures for the week!

Birds eye view of playtime!

Happy Snapping!


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