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Photo Challenge #5 - Pets

Well, well, well, looks like Studio Cat, Felix, gets a week dedicated just to him. As he should, because he is king of the house after all. Felix is probably the best part of TBP if I'm being honest. He's sweet, cuddly, (read: needy), and extremely cute. Kids love him, toddlers love him, parents love him. He's actually saved the day a time or two when kids are a little hesitant to take photos and in strolls Felix. Suddenly the vibe changes and the kiddo forgets they are shy!

Morning, Felix!

Felix got us around the 4th of July in 2015. I say he got us because he definitely chose us. We were at my mom's house and I could hear meowing in the bushes. Out sprang an adorable, tiny, fluffy cat! All day, he wouldn't leave us alone. Meowing, purring, rubbing on us, not shy at all. I asked my mom where the heck did he come from, and she said she thought he belonged to the lady across the street, but that she was trying to find him a new home. So I went knocking on her door!

He "chooses" me daily now. Haha.

Turns out she was trying to find him a new home as her other older cat didn't care for him much. We asked if we could have him and ended up taking him home that night using a laundry basket with a screen over it. We stopped at Schnucks on the way home to get the kitty essentials, and Felix has been part of our crew ever since. We think he was about a year old when we got him, which would make him almost ten years old now.

Squawking at me for attention

About a year later, we got our dog, Sofie. She is not main character material, what can I say? I'd love to give her a shoutout though, so here's a picture of her asleep. When she's awake, she is crazy when I try to take a picture of her. There's a lot of yawning and darty eyes and running away. Or sulking. So while we love her, I must say the cat is way more photogenic (and likable, if I'm being honest lol!)

Mopey Sofie. She's like a dog version of Eeyore. But here she is sleeping, otherwise she wouldn't tolerate a photo

Let's see other things about Felix... his preferred method of drinking water is straight out of the master bathroom tub. He goes on family walks with us. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, and no, he doesn't run away. He's going less and less far from home the older he gets. He enjoys finding me, laying on me, bothering me, rubbing on me, stalking me, and chewing on my hair. He is definitely mommy-obsessed. He loves our kids, likes my husband, and tolerates the dog. He likes to hide in weird places and pop out at you when you least expect it (Meggie can attest to this). He still has his claws, but will never scratch you.

Above pictures are a day in the life - chewing on my hair, drinking from faucet, laying on me so that I can't edit easily, lounging outside after a walk, being annoyed by a selfie, and staring at me. He also loves to pop up in other people's pictures (insert eye roll here). If I had time, I would go back and find all the sessions where he's popped up, because I include those photos as outtakes in galleries. There are a lot haha. He loves people and we love him.

Post your pets in the comments of this week's post! Can't wait to see all your furry friends!

Happy Snapping!


The photo I submitted for the week!

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