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Photo Challenge #4 - At Work

This week's photo challenge focused on "at work". So I challenged my group to find something that shows their job! Whether it be a selfie, a tool used, a location... possibilities are endless!

Well y'all know my job and this theme couldn't have come at a better time, because I had a GREAT week! One of my kiddo's best friends has a new baby SISTER! And her mommy decorated the nursery as Disney princesses, which made my heart sing! So naturally the wheels were turning on how can I do a session with as many princesses as possible? Stay tuned....

You can see my smile behind that mask!

But before I get into that, I decided this week's blog might be a fun time to do a little Q&A! I get asked a lot of questions about being a photographer, so I want to share a few of those with you guys! Q: Is this your full-time gig?

A: Yes, and also no. It is my sole career, but I don't work traditional "full-time" hours. I'm with my kids a lot of the time, so while they are small, I tend to only take a handful of clients at a time, so that I can be present for whatever my kids need. Once they are all in school full-time, I'll definitely increase my workload.

Another shoot from this past week!

Q: Have you received any formal training for photography?

A: Nope! I first learned a few basics (many years ago!) from my sister-in-law who got me into photography. The rest is all self-taught, either by trial and error or by YouTube videos. I have been to conferences and learned tips and tricks from other photographers, but nothing super formal.

Q: What's the best part about being a photographer? A: For me, it's knowing that I'm creating some of my client's most treasured portraits. The ones that hang on the walls for years to come and will get passed down through generations. Seeing the look on my clients' faces at their ordering appointment when they are viewing their slideshows makes everything worth it. This is a job filled with gratitude, and I'm in turn so thankful to be able to do it.

I try to remember selfies with my clients, even the littlest ones!

Q: What would you recommend to someone just starting out on their photography journey?

A: Practice and practice a lot, on all different subjects. Learn how to use light, both natural and artificial. You can create amazing things with a starter camera and kit lens. Learn manual mode! Also, shooting in RAW can really help you if you make mistakes, as it is easier to correct while editing.

Back to this week's session....

The question was, how many princesses can we fit into one session? The answer was 8. Probably technically 7, but we made the last one happen just barely. Like I was SWEATING. But we got it done! Brainstorming this was a lot of fun, as I was supposed to be working on my taxes, but this seemed like a way better usage of time. (Don't tell my husband, I don't think he would agree.)

The final result from the Disney princess session! Can you guess which one almost didn't happen?

So it goes to show that I probably have the best job in the universe, but you are welcome to try to prove me otherwise by posting YOUR "at work" photos on the thread from this week!

Happy Snapping!


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