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Meet the Team - Introduction

At Tori Bornholdt Photography, there is a whole team behind the scenes making magic happen for you! I wanted to write a post to introduce everyone, since you don't always get to see them! I'm working on doing some features with each person too - those will be coming soon!

Us, in action! Nice toss there Meggie!

Meggie Schildz, lead assistant and set coordinator - Meggie has been with me for... two-ish years now? I had to do backwards math, AKA mom math. Meggie has many hats. She does the majority of my newborn sets, she helps with posing, holding lights, grabbing me things during sessions so I don't have to lose my position, also keeping the studio nice and tidy because I'm a creative therefore I'm messy! She's also my idea bouncer and tolerates me texting her ideas randomly at all hours of the day. She tells me when I'm off my rocker or when I have a great idea. And she's most famously known for her costumes during the holiday studio minis! I would be lost without her! She also works at Cardinal Glennon as a nurse, and has two daughters, so she's basically a saint and we are sooo lucky to have her in her "spare time"!

Meet Meggie! (Photo by TBP)

Melina Tice, cake smash baker extraordinaire - Melina has made 95% of my smash cakes in the six years we've had our businesses. We started out right at the same time and I think we found each other on the Facebook Crafted page. She was looking for customers and I was looking for a baker to partner with and we just meshed so well! She is PHENOMENAL at what she does. I don't think there's been a single concept that she didn't execute to perfection and beyond what I could even imagine. If you need a new "cake person", she's your gal! She makes other things too, some of my favorites being her macarons and hot chocolate bombs!

Meet Melina! (Photo by TBP)

Amanda Holt, lead makeup artist - Amanda has been helping my clients for over a year now, and my clients always report back that they love her! She's also great at hair! She has a studio at her house, but usually I have her go to my clients' houses for the more convenient experience. Her business is Makeup by Amanda K. Holt - make sure to check her out the next time you need professional hair and makeup services!

Meet Amanda! (Photo by TBP!)

AJ, jr. assistant and chief laugh-creator - AJ is my 12 year old son and is around for most weekend or evening sessions! His expertise is making kids laugh and babies smile. He has also taught a total of 4 babies how to high-five - its his thing! He also apprentices with me in the summertime. He's currently learning how to use my lights, and if you've seen any of my reels, odds are he helped with the footage! He makes videos faster than I can these days. He's a great addition to our team. I can't wait for the day that he wants to learn photoshop and can help me edit, lol!

Meet AJ! (Photo by TBP)

Felix, studio cat - Felix is arguably the most popular member of our team. He is sweet and affectionate, more like a dog, and just wants everyone's attention. He's definitely main character material - its his world, we just live in it. Outside of the studio cat life, he likes to go on walks with us and he is a big fan of being on top of me no matter what I'm doing. He also likes to nap in weird places and then scare you. He is honestly not helpful at all in the studio, and sometimes I wonder why we put him on the payroll. He does make people happy to see him, so I guess we'll keep him! ;)

Meet Felix! He might be waiting for you on the porch when you arrive for your session!

Tori, owner and photographer - hi, its me, I'm the owner its me! I've owned TBP since 2018! Let's see a few fun facts about me - I am married with three kids. When I'm not working, you can find me either with my kids, at all their sporting events, or at the gym. I also love food and hanging out with friends, bonus if both of those things are together! I'm also a big Swiftie and I'm usually blasting her music all over the place. Let's see what else... I love to travel, and I love watching The Office, Schitt's Creek and Friends reruns. Like most millennial moms, I enjoy long walks through Target with an iced latte in hand, haha. You can also find me at Orange Couch Coffeehouse where I spend so much

Meet ME! (Photo by Alexandria Mooney Photography)

So that's us! Stay tuned for in depth interviews with my team!

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