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Maternity Sessions: are they for you?

So you're expecting and thinking about having a maternity session to capture the memories! ...Except that you already feel huge, you're having breakouts, and do you *really* need these portraits when you know you're going to want more once the baby comes?

The short answer is YES! I've been pregnant myself three times, and I've had maternity pictures taken 2 of the 3 times (wish I would have done so for my oldest too!) Yes, I felt self-conscious and yes, I wondered, "is this really necessary?", but I'm so glad I had them done! My now four-year-old loves to look at them and talk about when he was in my belly, and I love looking back at that time, when the future was uncertain, yet so darn exciting! Plus, if you already have kids, sibling pictures are just too adorable, and are some of my favorite pictures of my own kids!

maternity session, maternity photos
Henry, hugging his baby sister

maternity session, maternity photos
One of my favorites from my third pregnancy! Bonus, you can't see my swollen feet!

But I totally get feeling self-conscious. Your body is changing by the day, clothes never seem to fit just right, your skin is either glowing or downright scary, and I haven't even mentioned all the swelling! However, I will make sure that you look like the best version of your pregnant self when you book a session!

First of all, let's book it for when you are at "peak" pregnancy - showing enough, but not too late in the pregnancy when we risk you feeling cruddy! I aim for between 30-34 weeks. I've scheduled some later than that, and the mamas feel like they are about to pop! I don't want my clients feeling uncomfortable, so this seems to be the ideal range.

maternity pictures, maternity session
Perfect bump size! Looking so adorable!

Not sure what to wear? What about your hair? Dread doing makeup because of those breakouts? When you book a maternity session with me, you get access to all of the perks! I have a full client closet of maternity gowns - every color imaginable! Short sleeved, long sleeved, casual, elegant, chiffon, sequins, tulle... whatever kind of look you're going for, I'm sure I have something that will make you feel beautiful and will accent your bump just the right amount! All of my gowns are super stretchy and made for the very pregnant mama! Hair and makeup - I've got you covered there too! I'll send one of my stylists to your house (or meet at my studio!) to take care of you! You can even arrange a consultation with them prior to your session, so they can talk about your skin type and what type of makeup will work best for your skin. They'll even apply fake lashes for you (my least favorite part of doing makeup myself, lol!)

maternity session, maternity gowns, client closet
Both mama and daughter's outfits came from my client closet! I have several matching sets!

And of course, I'll give you all of my insider tips before your session (like what underwear and shoes works best with your chosen gown, location ideas, and how to pose to accent your bump just right!) Even the most self-conscious mamas have walked away from their sessions feeling confident and beautiful! My goal is to capture a memory that you would be proud to hang on your wall for years to come, so you can show your baby how much you loved them, even before they were born. (And they make adorable decorations in the nursery as well!)

rainbow baby, rainbow maternity session
This mama wanted to celebrate her rainbow baby, and I have several rainbow gowns to choose from. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to angel babies.

So if you're expecting and you'd like to chat more about a maternity session, give us a call or send us an email! My team would love to help you feel like a rockstar mama and capture these beautiful (and fleeting!) moments for you!

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